Cone Beam CT

We are now offering CT for your patients for issues of the head beyond the oral cavity. We can perform plain CT's and CT's with contrast.

  • -Nasal Disease
  • -Ocular issues - intraocular and retrobulbar
  • -Bulla/Middle ear disease
  • -TMJ ankylosis, arthritis, luxations, and fractures
  • -Salivary Gland Disorders

Once the CT is performed, the study is submitted to a Board Certified Radiologist for interpretation. The patient and study are sent back to you for care. The benefits to your clients are less cost and less hassle that is encountered at larger referral centers.

Dr. Ritchie is 100% dedicated to provide the most advanced dentistry and oral surgical diagnostics and procedures available. In keeping with his philosophy, he is proud to announce the addition of a Cone Beam CT to his practice. Cone Beam CT provides far superior imaging of oral and head structures when compared to x-rays. This will allow Dr. Ritchie to more thoroughly examine and accurately diagnose diseases and abnormalities of the oral cavity, nasal cavities, TMJs, and ear canals. When performing dentistry and oral surgical procedures, dental x-rays are the bare minimum, while Cone Beam CT is the new Gold Standard.