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Preventative Medicine

Preventative MedicinePreventing diseases and problems in pets should be a common goal among veterinarians and pet owners. However, sometimes that is a very difficult task. In general, pet's, unlike people do not complain about their problems. They have a higher pain tolerance than humans and genetically are programmed to mask signs of illnesses. Sadly, far too often diseases are not recognized until they are very advanced. Most pet owners agree that vaccinations against contagious diseases are an important part of preventative medicine. Vaccinations taylored to each individual pet is a very important step. However, this is only one small part of ensuring the health of our companions.

Listed below are other very importants parts of Preventative Medicine:
- Physical Exam - a thorough physical exam every 6 months is very important to help find problems early
- Senior testing (blood and urine) annually on pet's over the age of 7-8 years
- Regular COHAT (comprehensive oral health assessment and treatment) with at home daily dental care
- Diet - a well balanced diet that meets your pet's nutritional needs (ie- large breed dogs, senior diets, dental diets, urinary etc)
- Monitoring your pets closely - remember age is not a disease! monitor water intake, appetite, watch for stiffness, difficulty with steps;
any change in your pet's normal routine should be monitored closely and examined
- Preventative medications - heartworm and flea prevention, joint supplements, approved dental chews
- Regular heartworm and intestinal parasite exams - no medication is 100% effective all of the time

Our goal is for all of our patients to live as many happy, healthy, pain and disease free years as possible. Preventative medicine is what makes this possible.

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