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Ear Flushing

Ear FlushingOne of the most common problems we see in pets today is chronic ear infections and disease. We've added another fantastic piece of equipment to help aid those poor pets that suffer from ear disease - the MedRx video otoscope and irrigator ear flushing system. Without this technology it is virtually impossible to treat chronic otitis. One must understand that it is not normal for pets to get recurring ear infections. There is ALWAYS an underlying condition that must be determined and treated for us to achieve normal ears. But first, the ears must have all of the debris, wax and exudate removed before we can attempt treatment. It is also very important to remember these two things: 1. Ear infections HURT! 2. The more chronic the ear disease/infections are, the more tolerable your pet will be - BUT, they're still in chronic pain!
This system also works in conjunction with the surgical laser to remove tumors, polyps and cysts noninvasively for the ear canal.

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