In-Clinic Diagnostics

Having an in-house diagnostics laboratory, as well as digital radiography capabilities means that Perkins Road Veterinary Hospital offers a diverse range of diagnostic services in one location. These in-house testing capabilities provide pet owners in Baton Rouge and beyond with an efficient diagnosing service for their companion pets. We can process many test results on site, typically within minutes. This is especially beneficial for critical illness and injury cases that need prompt diagnosis and treatment.

Typical tests that we perform in the clinic include chemistry panels, complete blood counts, bile acid tests to check liver function, T4/TSH tests to check for hypothyroidism, ACTH Response tests to measure cortisol levels indicating Addison’s or Cushing’s Syndrome, plus many more. Our state of the art analyzers allow us to diagnose endocrine abnormalities, hematologic issues, and diseases of internal organs. We conduct heartworm tests and internal parasite screenings daily. When necessary, we use outside commercial veterinary laboratories for specialized diagnostics and consultations.

Some health conditions may not be obvious during an external examination. For this reason, we use in-house diagnostic tests to get an accurate picture of your pet’s overall health. At Perkins Road Veterinary Hospital, we recommend regular diagnostic testing so that our veterinarian will have baseline information about your pet. Having a history of test results lets us know if there is a significant change that indicates an underlying condition or disease. This allows us to treat an illness in its early stages, giving your pet the best opportunity for recovery.