Our Philosophy

When the Drs. Ritchie purchased the Perkins Road Veterinary Hospital in 2000, they needed to make a decision on whether they would offer boarding or not to pet owners in the Greater Baton Rouge area. Boarding pets is very time consuming when done properly. They decided to offer boarding as one of their services - but their way. The two doctors agreed that pets aren't too interested in how luxurious and lavish their surroundings are. Pets aren't concerned about television and whether or not their sleeping arrangements come with four posts in a "suite". Pets want attention! They want to be petted, brushed and played with. Dogs want to run and exercise. Most dogs prefer fresh air rather than being housed in small kennels all day. So when the doctors decided to board pets, it was patients first! It's much more time consuming to do it our way, but our dog and cat friends seem to really enjoy their experience here.

Canine Boarding

The only time that dogs are kept in our spacious, climate controlled kennels are at night. The rest of the time they stay in our outdoor runs to enjoy the fresh air. Exceptions to this are: inclement weather, requests by owners to house their dogs indoors at all times, very elderly, unhealthy pets, and breeds of dogs that are heat intolerant during our very warm months. Unless you bring your pet’s food, dogs are fed a prescription diet called Purina EN. This diet is to help control stress, anxiety, and excitement caused diarrhea. All dogs are exercised individually in our large yard at least 3 times a day and for at least 15 minutes each time. You are more than welcome to come visit our boarding kennels any time the hospital is open.

Feline Boarding

Our cat boarders are kept in condos in a special area of our hospital. It is a quiet room that is completely isolated from dogs. Each spacious cage has either a comfortable bed, a perch for them to sit on or crawl in, or a double cat condo that allows them to lay inside it or on top of it. Unless you bring your cat's diet, we feed science diet sensitive stomach to our boarders.

If you live in Baton Rouge, or nearby communities such as Prairieville, New Roads, or Denham Springs, feel free to come visit our boarding facilities any time our hospital is open.