Allergy Testing

If you see your pet doing excessive amounts of itching, scratching, rubbing, or licking, or having red or tough skin, greasy skin, or a yeasty smell, or recurrent ear infections, your pet may be showing the classic symptoms of allergic reactions. The typical triggers of allergy symptoms include flea saliva, dust, mites, plant and grass pollens, molds and fungi. Once your pet’s allergies are activated by exposure to these environmental allergens, inflammation and irritation of the skin, and possibly the development of a secondary skin infection can occur.

At Perkins Road Veterinary Hospital, we will examine your pet and review your pet’s symptoms and lifestyle to help determine if your pet has atopic dermatitis. Once a diagnosis of atopic dermatitis has been made, we will draw a blood sample and perform allergy tests. The allergy tests identify the specific allergens that are causing reactions in your pet. Based on the results, a treatment will be developed for your individual pet. Allergy treatments are available in the form of injections or oral medications that are extremely safe and effective.

Food allergies are also very common in cats and dogs. They can cause all of the same signs as environmental allergies as well as gastrointestinal issues. Unfortunately, there are no accurate tests available to detect if your pet has food allergies and which protein(s) they are allergic to. If food allergies are suspected, we will recommend a strict dietary trial with a very high quality food allergy diet.

Our veterinarians offer treatment plans for pets in the Greater Baton Rouge area and beyond who are suffering from allergies. If you feel your pet may have chronic allergies, schedule an appointment for an evaluation today.